Caribbean Teakwood Soy Candle


Embark on a journey to the exotic with our “Caribbean Teakwood Escape Soy Candle.” This alluring candle is a symphony of rich and enticing fragrances that evoke the warmth of the Caribbean. With top notes of leather and allspice, a heart of teakwood, tobacco leaves, and clove, and a base of sandalwood, peppercorn, and amber, this candle invites you to experience the captivating allure of a Caribbean island getaway.


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Fragrance Profile: Top Notes: Leather, Allspice

  • The adventure begins with bold and luxurious top notes of leather, providing a sophisticated touch, and the warm, aromatic spice of allspice. This combination sets the stage for an intriguing and captivating olfactory experience.

Middle Notes: Teakwood, Tobacco Leaves, Clove

  • As the candle continues to burn, the middle notes unfold, revealing the heart of the fragrance. The blend of teakwood, tobacco leaves, and clove creates a harmonious balance of woodiness, smokiness, and spice, capturing the essence of Caribbean craftsmanship and traditions.

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Peppercorn, Amber

  • The base notes of sandalwood, peppercorn, and amber add a sensual and earthy foundation to the fragrance. Sandalwood lends a creamy and woody depth, while peppercorn and amber provide a warm and inviting finish to this aromatic journey.

Product Features:

  • Natural Soy Wax: Crafted from premium soy wax, our candles offer a clean and environmentally friendly burn.
  • Cotton Wick: The cotton wick ensures a steady and even flame, allowing you to enjoy the fragrance without interruptions.
  • Stylish Tin: Housed in a sleek tin, the “Caribbean Teakwood Escape Soy Candle” not only fills your space with an enticing aroma but also adds a touch of Caribbean-inspired elegance to your decor. The tin can be repurposed for various uses after the candle is fully enjoyed.
  • Long-Lasting: Enjoy extended burn times, allowing the captivating scent to linger and transport you to a Caribbean paradise.
  • Ideal Gift: Share the allure of the Caribbean with friends and loved ones. Perfect for special occasions, celebrations, or as a thoughtful gesture for those who appreciate exotic and sophisticated fragrances.

Immerse yourself in the seductive charm of the Caribbean with the “Caribbean Teakwood Escape Soy Candle.” Let the rich and complex fragrance transport you to the shores of a tropical haven, creating an ambiance of luxury and escape in your own space.

Weight 9 oz


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